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Amplified Soul


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N/A (Earmusic/Earmusic)


Monday, 2nd June, 2014 (United Kingdom)


Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick


Livingston Studios

Album Design


Song List


01. Amplify My Soul (Part 1)

02. I Couldn't Love You More

03. Rapture

04. Hands Up If You Wanna Be Loved

05. Hats (Make Me Wanna Holler)

06. Silver Shadow

07. Deeper Still

08. Amplify My Soul (Part 2)

09. Something Bout July

10. Day Or Night

11. Wind Sorceress

12. Another Way

13. I See The Sun

14. Never Known A Love Like This

15. The Hands Of Time

16. Stop Running Away

17. Part Of The Plan (Only on Japanease Edition)


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Album Review


In 2013, Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick stepped out with his first solo album, Leap of Faith — a stylistically varied set on which he performed the lead vocals — but he quickly went to work on fresh material with the group he has led for over four decades. Leap of Faith evidently didn't drain his creativity, as Amplified Soul is another double-length Incognito album, 70 minutes in duration. Though it doesn't feature Maysa Leak or any collaborator on the level of Transatlantic R.P.M. contributors Chaka Khan, Leon Ware, and Al McKay, it certainly isn't short on powerful and uplifting lead vocal turns. Maunick works with some names familiar to Incognito fans and continues to keep it fresh with new voices. Most notably, there's the underexposed Deborah Bond on "I See the Sun," a gorgeously rolling number near the end that could just as easily follow the album's introduction. Melonie Crosdale leads "Rapture," another beaming, kicked-back groove that stands with the group's best work. They take it back a little farther than their typical mid-'70s to early-'80s well of inspiration for the strutting "Hats (Makes Me Wanna Holler)," one of their funkier straight-R&B songs. At this point, even the most casual listener knowledgeable about the group's inspirations won't be surprised that a piece titled "Wind Sorceress" resembles Mizells-era Donald Byrd. And yet, despite the obvious likeness, it's fully enjoyable, filled with little details that make it more than a mere tribute. As usual, Maunick either wrote or co-wrote all the original material, and there's a cover — a festive version of Atlantic Starr's 1985 single "Silver Shadow," fronted by Vanessa Haynes.


Customer Reviews


Fab U lous!!!!    

by DALLAS 50!

I’ve been listening to this forever morphing group for over 20 plus years and I’ve yet to hear an album I didn’t enjoy. Each musician is tight, each vocalist is on point as well. Give this group a try if you like “real” adult music!


Incognito never disappoints *****

by RobsItunes

Incognito and Bluey always delivered consistency with their music. They have kept true to their form and this new album sounds spectacular. Music, Modern Jazz and R&B at it's best. Will definitely add this one to my vast collection of Incognito music.


New vocalist Debórah Bond? *****

by alanealane

I'm just listening to the previews here on 5/2/14 waiting for the release on 5/13/14, and I'm pretty sure it's Debórah Bond singing the song "I See The Sun". That's just got to be her!!! WOW! What a great addition to the excellent vocalists on Bluey's crew!


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