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Feed Your Soul - Incognito & Rice Artists Remixed: Feed Your Soul        


Catalogue Nº: 

PCCY-01656 (Pony Canyon Inc, Japan)


June 2, 2006 (Japan)




Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick

Simon Cotsworth


The Blue Room

Song List


1. We Got Music

2. Operator (Incognito "Love Collect" Mix)

3. Heavenly (Yamwho? Rework)

4. World Is Mine (Bluey & Ski Sky High Mix)

5. Show Me Love (Yamwho? Rework)

6. Come Away With Me (The Caves "Greater Joy" Mix)

7. Bottle (Bluey & Ski Risin' Uk Mix)

8. Where The Levees Broke

9. Give And Let Live (Louie Vega's Sacred Rhythm Dub)

10. 25th Chapter (Ski Oakenfull Vs Para: Disco Broken Funk Remix)

11. Waiting 4 The Sun 2 Shine (Incognito's Shinining On Remix)

12. Let Yourself Go (Ski Oakenfull Mix)

13. Everything Your Heart Desires (Bluey's Black Sunshine Remix)

14. Don't Turn My Love Away (Venom & Bluey Street Soul Mix- Radio Edit)

 15. Let Me Be (Dobie Remix)


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Incognito - Feed Your Soul, Remixed Album, Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick

Customer Reviews


Acid House *****

G. M. Mkhosana

Lets face it, bluey just can't disappoint.the remixes here are beyond measure in arrangement,sound quality,song selection,enjoyment,not forgetting their rotation on my cut the long story short,this is a work of art worthy of an attentive,cultured ear. ENJOY 

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