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In Search Of Better Days


Catalogue Nº: 

PCD-24505 (P-Vine)

N/A (Earmusic/Earmusic)

SHA-5440 (Shanachie Entertainment)


Wednesday, 8th June, 2016 (Japan)

Thursday, 24th June, 2016 





Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick

Album Design:



Song List


01. Love Born In Flames

02. Just Say Nothing

03. Everyday Grind

04. Racing Through The Bends

05. Love’s Revival

06. Selfishly

07. Love Be The Messenger





08. I See The Light

09. Echoes of Utopia

10. Move It Up

11. Crystal Walls

12. Bridges Of Fire

13. All I Ever Wanted

14. Better Days


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In Search Of Better Days

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In Search Of Better Days
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