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Incognito Remixed


Catalogue Nº: 

532 309-2 (Mercury Records/Talkin' Loud)


Monday, 1st January, 1996 (United Kingdom)




Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick



Song List


01. Always There (maw remix '96)

02. Good Love (c.j.'s 12" mix)

03. Jump To My Love

04. I Hear Your Name (rogers anthem)

05. Jacob's Ladder (nu yorican dub)

06. Barumba (daniel maunicks mix)

07. Roots (pete rock remix)

08. Always There (david morales mix)

09. Givin' It Up (roger sanchez uplifting)

10. Pieces Of A Dream (rogers soul mix)

11. Everyday (maw everyday dub)

12. Still A Friend Of Mine (bluey's mix)


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Incognito - Remixed Album, Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick

Album Review


Remixed features a number of the group's tracks for Talkin 'Loud / Verve remixed by stars like Pete Rock and Roger Sanchez Some of these 12 songs have previously been released, but the bulk of the disc have never been easily available - most are promotional- only remixes. Frequently these versions, including a steaming "Always Threre," actually improve on the original take, offering deeper, more textured grooves. In fact, it is arguably the finest, most consistent Incognito album available.



Customer Reviews


Incognito remixed *****

The Groove


Not content on merely being a prescence on the jazz scene, Incognito prove that they can make you dance with this stellar remix collection of songs lifted from the group's previous studio albums. The selection of grooves range from house, drum-and-bass, and mid-tempo beats. House easily dominates this set, featuring discocentric workings of "Everyday" (from Masters at Work), the drum-and-bass rendition of "Barumba," and my personal favorite: Roger Sanchez's groovilicious re-working of "Givin' it Up," featuring the unmistakable vocals of Maysa. As remix collections go, this one is a classy entry, proving that not all remix CDs are tacky botch jobs. For those who already own Incognito's work or if you're a casual dance music listener, "Remixed" is worth picking up. 


Remixed to heaven *****

Jamar Kemp


Well, Bluey ahs out done himself again allowing the best remixers of the day to create some of the best remixed tunes of all time... people ahve to understand the creativity of's changing the sound and uplifting to another,I was quite impress how they can change jazz to house hip hop and trip hop!
this cd is a true winner!
Pick it up now!


A wonderful remix, really gets you moving *****



A wonderful remix, really gets you moving! I love the music separation they used for this CD, the play of different sounds from different speakers really envelops you, awesome!


Awesome Music! *****

Marcus Langford "Marcus Langford"


One of the greatest pieces of work by Incognito. Rarely can you can take jazz music and infused it with banging bass beats and make it even better than it's original sounds; great delivery by this group!

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