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Jazz Funk


Catalogue Nº: 

0946 3 21953 2 (Ensign Records/Ensign Records)


Sunday, 1st January, 1995 (United Kingdom)


Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick

Paul 'Tubbs' Williams            


Bray Studios 


Song List


01. Parisienne Girl

02. Summer's Ended

03. Shine On

04. Wake Up The City

05. Interference

06. Incognito

07. Sunburn

08. The Smile Of A Child

09. Why Don't You Believe

10. Chase The Clouds Away

11. Walking On Wheels



Incognito - Jazz Funk, Album,, Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick

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Customer Reviews


'Bright, Entertaining And Funky Album' *****

by Antony May

what you get with 'Jazz Funk' is a classic time piece from the early 1980's 'British Jazz Funk' era. Formed partly from the ever changing line up of 'Light Of The World', Incognito were essentially a less commercial arm of that group. Jean Paul Maunick, Paul (Tubbs) Williams, Ganiyu (Gee) Bello and Peter Hinds all add the classic Light Of The world stamp to these recordings but funky opener 'Shine On' and the excellent 'Interference' are not aimed as directly at the dance floor as say L.O.T.W's 'Swingin' or 'Midnight Groovin'. With 'Jazz Funk' therefore you get 'exactly what it says on the tin'- something to tap your foot to and make you want to dance but musical arrangements with a good many textures that a lot of thought has gone into.

There are some nice vocal tracks on the album as well - 'Why Don't You Believe', Chase The Clouds Away' and 'Incognito' all provide a nice change and only the weak 'The Smile Of A Child' counts as 'filler' on the whole album. Otherwise, this is a nice rounded collection that makes for a cracking listen - especially now that the groups minor hit 'Parisienne Girl' and its b side have been added. I do wonder though why the other Incognito single from this period was not included - 'North London Boy'?

Finally, a word in the 'shell like' of the record companies...

It is a scandal that so little of the British Jazz Funk era has been re-issued on cd. A good few classic releases are sadly unavailable these days (U.K Players, Freeeze, Cool Runners, Linda Taylor, and the 'Slipstream' and 'The Best Of British Jazz Funk' compilations of the early 80's need a re-issue!) and this list includes 'Behind The Mask' by The Warriors (featuring the British Jazz Funk Classic 'Destination') ,which, was basically Incognito's 1982 follow up to this album under another name.

Still, until the day that 'Brit Funkers' like me can groove on down to any of those, this album will do nicely.


Five Starts *****

by Captain Morgan

Love it!


Classic *****

by Peter Ainger

Hey it's Incognito, it's Jazz Funk, and this don't disappoint, recommended!



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