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Jazz Funk Lyrics


The Smile Of A Child



There's no song like a love song (Love song)

No love like true love (True love)

No smile , like the smile of a child 


Be like a child , welcome each day one at a time

Don't be afraid to say you're sorry when you're wrong

Be a better you , Be like a child


Be like a child

Don't loose yourself in a world of cares

Let yourself go , be happy and be loved

Be a better you , be like a child 


No song like a love song

Love song


Writer:  J-P. Maunick / P. Williams



Chase The Clouds Away


On the bluesiest of days , time is being wished away

I close my eyes and think of you, suddenly your light comes through 


Time doesn't matter anymore , livin's like a sweet love song

There's promise in the things I do, for it all seems to lead to you


Away … Chase the clouds away

Chase the clouds away, Chase the clouds away 


If you stumble on the way, I'll be there to comfort you

To pick you up when you are down, scatter any clouds away 


You believe I'm right for you , you know that my aim is true

No matter what the world will do , the two of us will see it through


Writer:  J-P. Maunick / P. Williams / D. Doobay





Why Don't You Believe 


You’re in love, take a chance

Give romance every chance, let's dance) 


Stop wondering where and wondering when

Your lovin’ emotions should show 


Why don't you believe (Why don't you believe)

There is no mystery , Oh, why can't you see

Why can't you see, it's just for you and me


You’re in love, take a chance

Give romance every chance, let's dance) 


Let your love decide, the time and the place

All your emotions will flow


Writer:  J-P. Maunick / P. Williams






The man behind the mask


At the masqueraders ball?


Can you see through his disguise?


Is he a friend of yours?



The man behind the mask


A face you can't conceal?


I can see through your disguise


Standing in the dark

Hidden in the crowd


Trying to see your face

Chasing shadows through the night



Writer:  J-P. Maunick / P. Williams



Jazz Funk Lyrics
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