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Leap of Faith


Catalogue Nº: 

℗ 2015 Dome Records Ltd


Released: 22 March 2013





Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick


Dome Records Ltd

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Song List


1. Stronger

2. Got to Let My Feelings Show

3. Ain't Nobody's Business

4. Take a Chance on Me

5. If You Really Wanna





6. Live Like a Millionaire

7. Keep Myself Together

8. Sky

9. Why Did I Let You Go

10. Leap of Faith


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Album Review



Five Stars *****    

by Mr. Peter J. Warlow

If like me you,ve been an Incognito fan at any time in the last thirty plus years, you'll probably buy this album blind.

You won't be disappointed at all if you do, with Bluey covering all bases here. Jazz Funk Soul House Latin all get the treatment. All but two tracks are Bluey and Richard Bull compositions, with (for me) the standout being the mid tempo'Take a Chance On Me'.Great vocals, wonderful chorus and a wicked bass line. Reminds me of 'Don Blackman'. The two out and out dance/house tracks are the ones not written by the pair. Bluey teams up with Ski Oakenfull for 'Ain't Nobody's Business' and Simon Grey for 'Why Did I Let You Go'. Both have their co writers signiture sound all over them. Both top quality. 'If You Really Wanna' and 'Sky' Have that Summery Latin Jazz feel.Just right for those sunny hazzy day's if they ever return. Bluey stretches his vocals on 'Keep Myself Together' with some nice falsetoes. 'Got To Let My Feelings show' with its 'Back Together Again' groove is the first single and is getting plenty of airplay on all the soul stations. All 'n' all,this will be one of the albums of the year for me and for you too hopefully. This man comes up with the goods time and time again and deserves all the support in the world. If for some unknown reason you are not familiar with Bluey but are reading this anyway, just Take a 'LEAP OF FAITH' and buy or download it.

Nuff said.

Keep the faith...



Customer Reviews


Stormy D *****    


I totally agree with first reviewer that this album has all the hallmarks of a true professional who has learnt his craft over 30 years and knows exactly what his audience wants.

From all his incarnations as being Mr Incognito via LOTW this has it all. I just love every track and it covers every base as far as soul & funk music is concerned
Just pure genius and to use a phrase too widely used for my liking however totally justified Mr Maunick is a Brit Funk LEGEND. If you don't buy this you'll regret it forever.


Fabulous Bluey just blew me away! *****    

by Dust-E

Nothing but love for Bluey. The nicest, funkiest guy around and still getting smoother as the years go on. Love it now go buy it. To overtongooner; Bluey is a legend... go check Incognito.


Do I like this album? *****    

by Andy Mooring

Whenever you purchase an album the true test of its worth is when you play it a second time and realise that you are probably going to be playing it to death from this point onwards.

I bought this as an Incognito fan wondering what Bluey would be like as a solo artist. My opinion will be revealed at the end of my review but what I can reveal is that this feels like its full of material that isn't Incognito friendly. Basically, Bluey is a very talented musician, he knows his strengths and he also knows that producing an album in the shadow of his greatest work (Incognito) is no easy task, as he is leaving himself open to critisium. Thankfully he has put together a really good selection of great songs.

My feeling is that he is influenced by the early 90's feel of acid jazz. This is such a smooth album and so refreshing to hear. Yes it does sometimes feel a bit like his Incognito work but how can it not? However, this is a solo artist at work and it really works well.

My opinion is that this is a good album but its not just a listen once piece of work. Its good first time round but it gets better the more familiar you become with it. When I listen to it I instantly get transported to an ealier more care free time in my life. This album has it all, so take the 'Leap of faith' it really is bliss.


Bluey from Incognito Fame *****    

by Ranc1247

What you would expect from the master himself. A brilliant first solo album, loved it from first listen. Buy it its awesome!

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