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Life Stranger Than Fiction


Catalogue Nº: 

586 056-2 (Mercury Records/Talkin' Loud)


Monday, 1st January, 2001 (United Kingdom)


Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick

Simon Cotsworth


Angel Recording Studios

The Blue Room


Song List


01. Stay Mine

02. Bring You Down

03. Slow Down (Get A Grip)

04. Skin On My Skin

05. Cut It Loose

06. There Will Come A Day

07. Worlds Collide

08. Castles In The Air

09. Got To Know

10. Reach Out

11. Rivers Runnin' Black

12. On The Road (Part One)

13. On The Road (Part Two)

14. Down To Earth


Incognito - Life Stranger Than Fiction, UK, Album,, Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick

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Customer Reviews


Amazing *****    

by Ryan

This album is amazing! One thing Bluey has done so successfully is create an album almost every 2 years for the last 22 years and each album sounds distinctly Incognito yet not one album is the same. Depending on which version you get of this release, your opinion may differ. I suggest looking out for the album version with tracks like 'Down To Earth' and 'World's collide' as that represents the most complete version of the album and will offer you the most enjoyment. Yes, there are one or two tracks that are not as strong as the rest, but overall this album seems experimental and total genius. With a new batch of brand new vocalists with a push towards male vocals this album is raw bliss.

To John Jones 'Musician' who wrote a review on this album - I don't think you have actually listened to both albums (No Time Like The Future and Life, Stranger Than Fiction) as these two albums are miles apart in sound and vibe. To assume that Bluey stretched one album into two is madness. These are both brilliant individual albums with different sounds, but totally Incognito - Life, Stranger Than Fiction - one of their best!!


The one and only Incognito *****

by C. Hoskins Jr.

GREAT CD! I'm long time fan of Incognito and this one continues their long tradition of quality soothing R&B/Jazz. I highly recommend this CD for any and all fans.


They keep getting better *****

by Gary D Holland

Incognito has been my favorite group for YEARS!!! If you are a fan you will LOVE this CD!! New vocalist ... music!!


Phat True Music *****

by M. Bell "Get into the groove!"

Very much like a Norman Connors' ensemble of talent. Absolutely loaded with real live music. The sound is wonderful. Maysa is absent from this CD but, other vocalists carry on the Incognito tradition where she left off. "Stay Mine", "Slow Down", "Worlds Collide", "Castles In The Air" and "On The Road" are the stand out tracks on this fierce acid jazz music mix. I really love the horns and drums on this CD. The beat is sooooooooooooooooooooo rich and moving.

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