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Live In London - The 30th Anniversary Concert


Catalogue Nº: 

0167184-1 (Inakustik/Inakustik)


Friday, 26th February, 2010 (Germany)




Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick



Song List


01. Talkin' Loud

02. Step Aside

03. When The Sun Comes Down

04. Jacob's Ladder

05. Centre Of The Sun

06. Get Into My Groove

07. Labour Of Love

08. Ain't No Mountain

09. Always There

10. Colibri

11. N.O.T.

12. This Thing Called Love




13. Still A Friend Of Mine

14. Can't Get You Out Of My Head

15. Deep Waters

16. Wild And Beautiful

17. Morning Sun

18. Expresso Madureira

19. Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing

20. Reach Out

21. Everyday

22. I Hear Your Name

23. Nights Over Egypt

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Incognito - Live In London - The 30th Anniversary Concert, Live Album

Album Review


Technically, Incognito were justified in claiming a 30th anniversary in 2009, in the sense that Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick and Paul "Tubbs" Williams began calling their band by that name (after stints as New Life and Light of the World) in 1979, even though they did not release their first Incognito album, Jazz Funk, until 1981, and then the act went dormant for a decade until Maunick resurrected it in 1991. By then, there was not much chance of this British jazz-funk big band getting significant attention in the U.S., because its sound was strictly out of the ‘70s-‘80s Earth, Wind & Fire songbook (with some smooth jazz side trips) and American R&B had moved on to rap and hip-hop. But that didn't keep them from building up a following in Europe and Asia in the ‘90s and 2000s while releasing a series of albums (with some moderately successful attempts to market them in the U.S. in the dance and contemporary jazz categories), and that is what is being celebrated on this double-CD live set, nearly 20 years of funky rhythms, punchy horn charts, and interchangeable soul singers. The inclusion of a small string section gives some of the tracks the feel of Barry White's Love Unlimited Orchestra, and the occasional performances of Motown standards ("Ain't No Mountain High Enough," "Don't You Worry ‘Bout a Thing") contribute to the retro mood. Now and then an instrumental ("Jacob's Ladder," "Colibri," "Expresso Madureira") stakes the band's claim to smooth jazz legitimacy. Clearly, it all works for Incognito's British following, even if the sound is old school to American R&B ears.



Customer Reviews


Excellent and memorable concert *****

by L. Azevedo


Incognito live concerts are just awesome. This record is very polished and lacks the "rawness" and comments between the songs found in the Tokyo live concert (also released as album) and in Incognito bootlegs.

But, it's simply great. The band perfectly synchronized, fantastic musicians and incredible songs: It's hard to pinpoint some as top something. Ain't no Mountain version... speechless!

A must-have for Incognito fans, a you-should-have for Jazz+Funk lovers.




Probably, the next best thing to being there! *****

by Reginald D. Garrard


A landmark recording in more ways than one "Incognito/Live in London" demonstrates the international appeal of the group, showcasing its musicianship, its versatility, and its downright funkiness and smooth delivery.

There is not a wasted track on the disc and it's obvious from the crowd's responses, the evening was one that was quite memorable.

For anyone unfamiliar with the ensemble, this live recording is a great introduction to the popular group.



Simply magical *****

by Smurf


I am not even going to bother evangelising how brilliant this is, just buy it. I missed this gig last year and listening to this I am gutted. Incognito are one of the tightest sounding, incredible groups around. You can hear all the influences in the music from Banda Black Rio, to Earth Wind and Fire. With guest appearances from Maysa and Jocelyn Brown, this is sensational.



A great band *****

by Jon


Under rated and still going strong, what a back catologue to select from! Incredible amount of jazzed and soulful tunes have been produced over the years.

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