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Live In London - The 35th Anniversary Concert Double [CD]

Incognito Live In London - 35th Anniversary Double CD


Catalogue Nº: 

2CD: 0210524EMU


By Mo Hausler at Livingston Studio 2

Song List


01. The 25th Chapter (live) by Incognito

02. Hats (live) by Incognito

03. Silver Shadow (live) by Incognito

04. Hands Up If You Wanna Be Loved (live) by Incognito

05. Ain’t It Time (live) by Incognito

06. It’s Just One of Those Things (live) by Incognito

07. Roots (live) by Incognito

08. Givin’ It Up (live) by Incognito

09. Still a Friend of Mine (live) by Incognito

10. Rapture (live) by Incognito

11. Parisienne Girl (live) by Incognito


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12. Goodbye to Yesterday (live) by Incognito

13. Good Love (live) by Incognito

14. Tin Man (live) by Incognito

15. Another Way (live) by Incognito

16. Brazilian Love Affair (live) by Incognito

17. Lowdown (live) by Incognito

18. This Is What You Are (live) by Incognito

19. As (live) by Incognito

20. Always There (live) by Incognito

21. Never Known a Love Like This

(live) by Incognito

22. Harvest for the World (live) by Incognito




Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick / E.A.R Music


Livingston Studio 2

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