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April 11, 2020

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February 13, 2019

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All about Matt Cooper....!!! Please comment below...

February 13, 2019


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June 7, 2016


度肝を抜くコラボレーションは、世界を舞台に活躍中の布袋寅泰との共演曲「Bridges Of Fire」をはじめ、ジャミロクアイ全盛期を支えたスチュワート・ゼンダーが共作で二曲参加。レギュラー陣を凌ぎ、リード曲最多での再登場は “ボイス・オブ・インコグニート” メイサ、4月シトラスサン東京公演でもリードボーカルを務めたイマーニや実力派シンガーソングライター、エイブリー・サンシャイン、レイラ・ハサウェイとのコラボも記憶に新しいヴーラ・マリンガ、そしてソロ作も好調なブルーイが新たな風を吹き込む。














In Seach Of Better Days






レーベル: Bluey Music


1. Love Born In Flames f/Imaani & Stuart Zender

2. Just Say Nothing f/Vanessa Haynes

3. Everyday Grind f/Maysa

4. Racing Through The Bends f/ Maysa

5. Love's Revival f/ Tony Momrelle

6. Selfishly f/ Maysa

7. Love Be The Messenger f/ Vanessa Haynes

8. I See The Light f/ Avery*Sunshine

9. Echoes Of Utopia f/ Stuart Zender

10. Move It Up f/ Vanessa Haynes

11. Crystal Walls f/ Ka...

December 26, 2015

‪#‎クリスマス‬ ‪#‎Christmas‬ ‪#‎インコグニート‬ ‪#‎横浜‬ ‪#‎赤レンガ‬ ‪#‎motionblue‬


December 9, 2015


Incognito are delighted to announce our new website incognito.london is live!  

September 13, 2015



We are delighted to announce that the DVD, Blu Ray and Double Cd are available on Amazon.


Out now on earmusic.net


Out now on Amazon: 

http://j.mp/Incognito35th (UK)

http://j.mp/Incog35De (DE) 

http://j.mp/Incog35Fr (FR) 

http://j.mp/Incog35Es (ES) 

http://j.mp/Incog35Jp (JP) 

http://j.mp/Incog35It (IT)

http://j.mp/Incog35Ca (CA) 

With guest performances by genre and music companion Mario Biondi, American soul diva Carleen Anderson - Official Artist Page and friends and artists from former and current times like Mo Brandis and Imaani, Incognito plucked out songs from their 17 studio albums for an amazing performance, delivered in style, with passion, with soul and with heart. 

The DVD/Blu-ray has something extra... An exclusive Bluey aka Jean...

June 18, 2015

Watch the wonderful transformation of dancer Xena Gushart as she becomes the watchful angel referred to throughout the song.


Shot in the paradise island of Bali and Camden town London.


Beautifully choreographed by Kendra Horsburg and shot by Manex Efrem.


Taken from his second solo album Life Between The Notes.


June 11, 2015

Incognito release their charity single #SendYourLove in the USA country via iTunes in aid of the relief effort in the aftermath of the Nepal Earthquake 2015. Japan will release the song on the 27th of May. The rest of the world will follow shortly.

In response to the great tragedy suffered by the people of Nepal, we felt compelled to use our talents and resources to take immediate action by coming together to make a song for Nepal. All the funds raised will be donated to UNICEF USA to help some of the 1.7 million children who require humanitarian assistance. UNICEF is already on the ground working to provide critical aid to children and families. The result of our efforts is “Send Your Love”.


Releases for the rest of the world will soon follow.


Bluey aka Jean-Paul Maunick of Incognito w...

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