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March 13, 2019

March Newsletter  www.incognito.london/so/77Ma1KVDA

62 and Still A Slave To The Rhythm…, the story of 'Deep Waters', All About João Caetano & his new album, Roberta Gentile's new remix single by Ski Oakenfull!! Please comment below.

February 13, 2019


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December 26, 2015

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December 9, 2015


Incognito are delighted to announce our new website incognito.london is live!  

September 13, 2015



We are delighted to announce that the DVD, Blu Ray and Double Cd are available on Amazon.


Out now on earmusic.net


Out now on Amazon: 

http://j.mp/Incognito35th (UK)

http://j.mp/Incog35De (DE) 

http://j.mp/Incog35Fr (FR) 

http://j.mp/Incog35Es (ES) 

http://j.mp/Incog35Jp (JP) 

http://j.mp/Incog35It (IT)

http://j.mp/Incog35Ca (CA) 

With guest performances by genre and music companion Mario Biondi, American soul diva Carleen Anderson - Official Artist Page and friends and artists from former and current times like Mo Brandis and Imaani, Incognito plucked out songs from their 17 studio albums for an amazing performance, delivered in style, with passion, with soul and with heart. 

The DVD/Blu-ray has something extra... An exclusive Bluey aka Jean...

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