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No Time Like The Future


Catalogue Nº: 

538 947-2 (Mercury Records/Talkin' Loud)


Friday, 1st January, 1999 (United Kingdom)


Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick

Simon Cotsworth


Angel Recording Studios

The Blue Room


Song List


01. Wild And Peaceful

02. Get Into My Groove

03. It Ain't Easy

04. Marrakech

05. Fearless

06. Nights Over Egypt

07. Centre Of The Sun

08. More Of Myself

09. I Can See The Future

10. Black Rain


Incognito - No Time Like The Future, Album,, Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick

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Customer Reviews


The Best Incognito Album Ever! *****    

by Amazon Customer

As an avid Jazz-Funkateer I have most of their previous releases, and one thing is for sure as far as Incognito are concerned you always get quality musicians playing top arrangements. However there is something about this album that stands out head & shoulders above any of their previous offerings. You find yourself going back to it time and time again, and neglecting the rest of your music collection. If the band were wine then this would be their vintage (matured with age) The sheer class of this CD is outstanding. Take some of the best arrangements & musicianship you have heard in what seems like decades & add the supreme vocal talent of Maysa and you are in heaven on the best summers day you ever had! Buy it!


Just love it! *****

by Lou

Great mix of tracks - some to dance to, some to listen ,to some to dream to. Bluey and his line ups rule !


First track says it all *****

by Amazon Customer

The opening number, 'Wild and Peaceful' provides an accurate description as to the stylistic content of the entire album. Here we have the usual Incognito mix of fearsome, tight funk-thump and laid-back, mellow endearments.

This is of course the formula that has served this band so well over the past decade, but this time the formula has had room to breath. Maybe the 3 years since the release of Beneath the Surface (which was good, but not this good) provided the fresh air required.

A jazz funk outfit(if we can attribute a label) needs it's fundamentals in the right place at the right volume. Richard Bailey, Randy Hope-Taylor and Julian Crampton (on which tracks we do not know) display ruthless synergy here.

Combined with the trademark horns, Bluey's (very) subtle chops and uncomprimisingly serious keyboards (from the outset), the experience is killer.
As for Maysa Leak, (arguably the finest female voice in the industry at present) you have to ask "why do labels continue to put out so much dross? " Girl Power? This is Woman Power!

Previous albums could rate four stars (on the Amazon scale of things), purely because there were always tracks that I didn't like (particularly the dance type tunes).
Everything about this album is a winner. Melodies are slick, harmonies complex, grooves are groovy, the songs singable, lyrics audible, and most important of all, you repeatedly take it out of the sleave to hear it again.

Easily the bands best so far. Bluey and his guys are going to have to work 'real hard' to top it!

I hope they do!

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