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Catalogue Nº: 

518 260-2 (Phonogram Records/Talkin' Loud)


Friday, 1st January, 1993 (United Kingdom)


Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick

Ray Hayden            

Richard Bull



Swanyard Studios

Trident II            


Song List


01. Still A Friend Of Mine

02. Smiling Faces

03. Where Do We Go From Here

04. Positivity

05. Deep Waters

06. Pieces Of A Dream

07. Talkin' Loud

08. Thinking 'Bout Tomorrow

09. Do Right

10. Inversions

11. Better Days

12. Keep The Fires Burning

13. Givin' It Up

14. Still A Friend Of Mine (acapella)



Incognito - Positivity, Album, UK,, Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick

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Album Review


"Positivity"- does what it says on the tin *****

K. Mollan "Declan93"

"Positivty" is probably the best Acid-Jazz album ever recorded. It combines smooth, jazzy beats with soul, funk and dance music. Maysa Leak's vocals are truly splendid, and add to the beauty of the album. Generally, the album is brilliant, but there are a few tracks which stick out, namely:
Still a Friend of Mine- This brilliant song features an acapella breakdown which gives the listener the chance to hear Maysa's vocals devoid of all instruments and backing music- an absoulte treat!

Positivity - Possibly my favourite track on the album. It really is a gem, and NEEDS to be listened to if you are feeling down or depressed: honestly, it literally lifts you up!

Deep Water- Is a beautiful Jazz ballad that sets a very romantic scene. I've heard this track played in some of London's snazzy bars, and it is more than appropriate. Maysa's vocals accentuate the beauty of the song.

Thinkin About Tomorrow- This is the groove!! Put the glass of wine down, and boogey to this marvellous tune.

Givin' It Up- Although it is slightly removed in regards to the overall tone of the album, it is nonetheless a great dance track. Great if you're out on the floor!
This album portrays why Incognito are one of the only great acts left in the contemporary music industry. Buy it. You won't be disappointed!



Customer Reviews


Tribes, Vibes, and Scribes is musically addictive *****

by Kisha

You can buy Incognito on blind faith, knowing they will deliver. Tribes, Vibes, and Scribes is musically addictive.


Five Stars *****

by Terrence G Marks

Excellent Music.


Five Stars *****

by Henry N 

The best all-time jazz funk album ever. Hippest band ever.


Five Stars *****

by Joy Sutton

I really love this album. Very easy listening. I can listen to it for hours.


Awesome Jazz Fusion / Smooth Jazz Mix *****    

by David Rieder

I love this album! I listen to it a couple time every year and am never disappointed. It has great playing on it and major funkiness! The recording quality of the album is excellent. It's not a sell out like some of the smooth jazz that has been popular in the past few years.


A new Jazz standard for me *****

by Tom

I found this album great, from a musicians point of view. Currently studying Jazz, I found that it was good to listen to, from an educational point of view. If you are a young person getting into Jazz, it is a good educational listen, as far as broadening your horizons, especially for a keyboard player. It is true Acid Jazz, similar in style to the early Jamiroquai stuff. If your not a musician, & listen to jazz, again, it is probably a worth while addition to your collection. It gets a thumbs up from me!


The best Britfunk album - ever! *****    

by Mr. A. C. Gilbert "thegilb"

Jazzfunk was a classic of my youth, embodying the best of '80s Britfunk. And when one of my wife's students played this at a party, I couldn't believe the band were still around!

The time had just served to improve the band's sound. This is the most polished, catchy collection of smooth, melodious funk that you can get on a piece of plastic.
I've since offered the album to several of my jazz-loving mates, who didn't know Incognito, and they're all addicts. Buy it.

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