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The Best Of Incognito


Catalogue Nº: 

314 548 283-2 (Universal/Talkin' Loud/Verve)


Saturday, 1st January, 2000 (United States)



Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick 


The Blue Room            

Song List


01. Still A Friend Of Mine

02. Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing

03. Everyday

04. Deep Waters

05. Spellbound And Speechless (edit)

06. Colibri

07. Roots (Back To A Way Of Life)





08. A Shade Of Blue (edit)

09. Change (Bluey remix)

10. Nights Over Egypt (edit)

11. Always There

12. Yesterday's Dreams

13. Talkin' Loud (live)


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The Best of Incognito,  Compilation., Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick

Album Review


The essence of Incognito! *****

by Arry Tanusondjaja


Incognito is one of the groups that got me hooked into Acid Jazz and this album quite nicely summarizes the hits that make Incognito addictive and popular. However, "The Best of Incognito" is also a good start for those who don't know this delightful group. Besides from the upbeat songs, the album also has some mellow songs like "Deep Waters" or "A Shade of Blue". As a bonus, there are also 3 new tracks that are groovy inded!

Play this CD and head down to the street and I'm sure after listening to "Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing" and "Everyday", you'd be dancing and walking at the same time!


Customer Reviews


The best Incognito compilation album I've ever heard *****

by Eduardo Ramirez

The best Incognito compilation album I've ever heard. This is a real acid jazz sample. Sounds like it was played by the Gods. One hit after another. A must for who is looking fo real good music.


Five Stars *****

by lynda robinson "mommie3"

I've played this everyday!!!!! Really enjoying this CD!!!!


Best of Incognito indeed! *****

by Jay

Absolutely wonderful compilation of Incognito's best. Maysa is in her usually stunning voice and the arrangements are unmatched. Buy this if you love Incogniton or are curious about the band.


Deep (water) smooth soul *****

by Pipster

A fine album. This carries the definitive vocalisation of Ronnie Laws' "always there", the uplifting classic "Still a friend of mine", hard popping acid jazz standards "everyday" and "Nights over Egypt".

Maysa's scatting on the wonderful "colibri" would make this a buy on its own, but her delivery on the blue soul "deep water" is absolutely crushing. This is an album i want to be buried with, just in case the egyptians are right and I can take it into the afterlife.


I love Acid Jazz! *****

by Tori

I currently own this cd and it is without a doubt my favorite cd. I just love the smooth and soothing sounds of Maysa's voice and the collection itself is just undeniably the best! This is my wind down music, it takes me somewhere else after a hard day. I would surely recommend this classic for any of you Smooth, and Acid Jazz lovers.


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