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Who Needs Love


Catalogue Nº: 

DOME CD 39 (Dome Records/Rice Records)


Monday, 10th March, 2003 (United Kingdom)


Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick

Simon Cotsworth


Angel Recording Studios

The Blue Room


Song List


01. Who Needs Love

02. Can't Get You Out Of My Head

03. People At The Top

04. Morning Sun

05. Stone Cold Heart

06. Cada Dia (Day By Day)

07. If You Want My Love

08. Don't Be A Fool

09. Byrd Plays

10. Where Love Shines

11. Did We Really Ever Try

12. Blue (I'm Still Here With You)

13. Fly


Incognito - Who Needs Love, Album,, Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick

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Album Review


With their eclectic vibes and dancefloor grooves, for the past two decades Incognito have consistently put UK soul on the map. This brand new collection moves away from the straighforward Talking Loud dance anthems of the 90s to explore subtler territory. Featuring key names including Brazilian impresario Ed Motta on the opening track "Who Needs Love?", and Paul Weller playing guitar on the warm, acoustic number "Blue", this album is a confident blend of jazz, funk and "conscious" soul. As ever, mainman Jean-Paul Maunick (aka Bluey) dares to take stylistic risks, as on "Cada Dia", the sound of Stevie Wonder meets the Barrio, or the melifuluous, jazz-tinged "Can't Get You out of My Head" (a song that has nothing to do with the Kylie hit!), where Joy Rose sings about a delicious obsession.

Lucy O'Brien



Customer Reviews


Incognito does it again *****    

by Gareth Matthews

I have been a fan of Incognito for many years and every time a new album comes out I look forward to the fresh stuff that comes out of the Incognito family. This album does not dissapoint, and delivers on style, sound and the unquestionable musical ability of every single person involved in this CD.

The last album they released 'Life stranger than fiction' was a great album but only dissapointed me slightly in that there was only one track with live drums. This album I think seeks to reverse that slightly with much more in the way of a live sound - which give a chance for more exposure of the amazing drumming by Richard Baily and (a welcome return for) Andy Gangadeen. Coupling that with some of the best bass playing by Julian Crampton this album is a must for any jazz-funkers out there. I love 'Who needs love', 'Fly' and 'Cada dia'. The Incognito brass are always stunning - so no change on this album, and there is also a fair bit of quality flute playing by Andy Ross. The album also includes some slick dance tunes that I am sure will be a hit with clubbers and funk'ers alike.

What I love about the Incognito sound is that every album features new players, new singers - which bring new sounds and new ideas. Matt Cooper co-writes a few songs and his fender rhodes playing in sooo good. This album also has some unexpected people helping Bluey out such as Paul Weller - but this all contributes to the variety of sound that Incognito produce.

I probably don't need to mention that all the vocalists once again will blow you away - that is just something we come to expect with every Incognito release. Many new people are on this album and I especially like the lead vocals by Tony Momrelle on 'Cada dia' and Paige Lackey's BV's on 'If you want my love'.
The production is as always superb and I think it is safe to say that this is one Incognito album that you do not want to miss out on!

I wont appologise as im a massive incognito fan, and if you were dissappointed in the previous albums as some people were critical, This one will bring you back on track.


Back to the real stuff *****

by Amazon Customer

This album erases any doubt that I had in my mind that Incognito had finally wandered so far away from what I loved about them in the first place with the rather flat Life Starnger than Fiction, by crashing back into what they do best - taking the very best musicians and vocalists and constructing some of the most beautiful, irresistable jazz/funk/soul music you will ever hear. A return to real instruments and instrumental wizardry brilliantly offset the vocal songs, which at times on the previous album could feel a little shmaltzy and soulless.


Particular standouts include the opener and title track 'Who needs love' with Ed Motta's extraordinary vocal and superb brass, 'Fly' and 'Stone Cold Heart' where the spirit of Barumba's still alive! (Do you see what I did there?)


All in all, a very welcome return to form, not that it had slipped very far at all, don't get me wrong, the musicianship and production quality are always head and shoulders above the rest. I can't wait for the next release now!


Wow - this will not disappoint! *****

by S. Wilson

I remember my first Incognito Album – Inside Life, this album although over 10 years on is quite simply superb. Lovers of extremely high quality vocals, twined with a variety of jazz, funk and soulful grooves will be delighted. All praise to this wonderful new release.

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