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Newsletter Back Numbers

Are you ready for the 2022 newsletters?

In case you have missed… here are the back numbers…

New selections from Bluey’s Vault and <STORY BEHIND MUSIC> including “Thinking About Tomorrow” from ‘Positivity’, “Wake Me” ft. James Berkeley from ‘Tomorrow's New Dream’ and latest one “Feels So Good” ft. Maysa from the boxset ‘Always There: 1981-2021 (40 Years & Still Groovin’)’.

July Newsletter 👉 FOCUS ON: Trevor Mires

August Newsletter 👉 FOCUS ON: Jamie Anderson

September Newsletter 👉 FOCUS ON: Dominic Glover

October Newsletter 👉 FOCUS ON: Geoff Dunn

November Newsletter 👉 FOCUS ON: Chris De Margary

December Newsletter 👉 FOCUS ON: Ski Oakenfull

Don’t forget to sign up for the next June edition that is coming out soon!

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1 Comment

Dec 18, 2021

Love these newsletters, especially the band interviews and Bluey's album recommendations. Any chance we could get access to the earlier ones prior to June? Would love to read the whole series...

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