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Updated: Jul 17

It's been nearly a month since Groove Velocity Radio with Bluey on Apple Music Hits has started. He keep bringing his experience and wealth of musical knowledge as he highlights the best soul, jazz, and funk music. From memorable classic hits to rarities from his crate-digging expeditions, expect an eclectic mix of tunes to dance, groove, or relax the night away.

Saturdays unless specified * New Zealand 11pm / (R) Sun 9am * Sydney 9pm / (R) Sun 7am * Adelaide 8:30pm / (R) Sun 6:30am * Korea|Japan 8pm / (R) Sun 6am * Malaysia|Philippines|Singapore|Taiwan 7pm / (R) Sun 5am * Jakarta|Thailand |Vietnam 6pm / (R) Sun 4am * India|Sri Lanka 4:30pm / (R) Sun 2:30am * Armenia|Maurice|Oman|UAE 3pm / (R) Sun 1am * Turkey|Bulgaria|Baltics|Suomi|Greece|Moldova|Romania|Most of East Africa & Middle East 2pm / (R) Sun 12am (Sat midnight) * Most of EU|South Africa 1pm / (R) 11pm * Portugal|UK|Central Africa|Tunisia‎ 12pm / (R) 10pm

* Most of West Africa 11am / (R) 9pm * Most of South America 8am / (R) 6pm

* Bolivia|Venezuela 7am / (R) 5pm * Caribbean 7am or 6am / (R) 5pm or 4pm * Colombia|Ecuador|Panama|Peru|Mexico City 6am / (R) 4pm * Most of Central America 5am / (R) 3pm * New York (EST) 7am / (R) 5pm * Chicago (CST) 6am / (R) 4pm * L.A. (PST) 4am / (R) 2pm * Honolulu (HST) 1am / (R) 11pm

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